POP and IMAP are ways email can be transmitted over a network. As a Lycos Mail Plus member, you can use POP or IMAP to have easy access to your Lycos Mail messages.

POP might be a good option if you view your emails in one location and would like to conserve your storage quota limit. POP works by downloading or “popping” copies of your email messages from your Lycos Mail account to one, specific location, such as your home or office computer, either manually or according to a preset time interval. Because the email is stored on your local computer, you can create folders there and these folders may or may not match the folders you have on your Lycos Mail account. Unless you opt to retain a copy in your Lycos Mail account via your mail client settings, the downloaded messages are deleted from the Lycos Mail server. If you use POP, remember that you are responsible for making backup copies of your messages and that downloaded email will not be accessible
from a different computer.

IMAP keeps your email messages and folders on the Lycos Mail server and allows you to view them from difference places, either via email clients and web interfaces. This is a great way for you to view the same emails on many different computers or devices, such as your home and the office and on your smartphone. You still have the option
to save messages to local folders on your computer. Remember that with IMAP, your emails are stored on
the Lycos Mail server and you have a limited amount of storage. You can easily delete selected messages
or download or print any messages you wish.

Read our "How do I access my Lycos Mail from a mobile device or client using POP or IMAP?" FAQ.