You must have a Lycos Mail Plus membership in order to have access to your mail account via POP. Please check with Windows Live Mail and their specific set up instructions. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all third party products.

To set up your Lycos Mail on your Windows Live Mail account using POP*, please follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Live Mail by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Mail, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Live Mail.


2. When Windows Live Mail loads, you may be automatically prompted to add an account or you may need to click Mail in the lower-left corner, then click the Accounts tab, and then click Email.


3. In the Add your email account window, please enter your Lycos email address, password, and display name in the fields provided. Be sure to check off the Manually configure server settings option.

4. Click Next.


5. In the Configure server settings window, enter "" in the POP Server address field and enter "" in the SMTP Server address field. Make sure to check off the Requires authentication option.

 6. Click Next. A window indicating your email account was added displays.


7. Click Finish.




*These instructions are for Windows 7.