To upgrade your Lycos Mail account from a Free plan to a Plus plan, please sign in to your Lycos Mail account and follow these steps:

1. Click on My Account. Your Lycos Account Information displays in a separate window.


2. Click on Change Your Billing Info Here. Your Lycos Mail Plan information displays.


3. Click on Upgrade Service.


4. Use the Subscription Plan area to choose a plan (monthly, yearly, or a 3 year plan).

5. Click the Next button.


6. Choose a Payment Method (Credit Card or PayPal).

     A. If you opt for Credit Card, enter the Card Type, Card Number, Expiration Date, and Verification Number.

     B. If you opt for PayPal, enter the Email, First Name, Last Name, Country, Postal Code, Street, Town/City,  State/Province/Army and Phone.

7. Click the Submit button.