What is Lycos Publish?

Lycos Publish is the state of the art editor for Tripod based upon the world class Wordpress system.  It gives you better control of your site, more professional looking results and rock solid reliability. It is both powerful and easy to use.

What about my Zeeblio, Zeeblio Beta or Trellix site?

Since the Lycos Publish platform has a fully developed and tested import capability, we plan to offer migration for customers with Basic or Premium Tripod Subscriptions.  This will come in phases,  by platform.  You can expect that we will migrate the content of your pages and your images, videos, etc.  The migration scripts will not move theme files so you will need to setup a new theme on Lycos Publish.

I’m not good with computers and don’t want to learn a new system…

The nice thing about Lycos Publish is that since it’s based on Wordpress there are literally millions of web developers and designers who are familiar with it.  So finding someone to help you will be easy.  In addition it is our plan to begin offering basic design and customization services in the near future.

I want to use this specific Theme…

File a support ticket and we’ll take a look and consider making it available.  For the time being, let’s say we’ll consider such requests on a one by one basis.

I have this Plugin I want to use…

That’s kind of the same thing.  We need to carefully evaluate them as plugins can cause big problems if they’re not coded properly.

I have a free site and I need your support.

Please, we all have families, kids, and all the costs that come along with them.  We can only offer limited support for free.  You have access to our Forums, where you are able to share the collective knowledge of the system, and we will at our discretion answer questions there.  Free users are, however, no longer to submit support tickets.

How about Ecommerce?

We’re working on it.  For now, you can use your own paypal buttons.  In the future, we plan to have a full ecommerce solution, but that requires things like HTTPS which we are not currently prepared to offer.

Why no forms on Free sites?

Over the years we’ve had a huge problem with Phishing, where fraudsters set fake forms to steal passwords from unsuspecting users.  This step should help to make the web a better place.

 I thought Tripod was all about Free sites…

Tripod in the past offered Free sites that were ad supported.  The time of ad supported free sites is over.  As noted before, we all have families and kids and the costs that go along with them.  If you’re serious about building a website you really need to buy a subscription plan.

We love building websites and we want to share that joy with you.  Lycos Publish provides us a platform with which we can help you build the best website possible.