ICANN requires all registrars to do yearly email verification checks.  If you changed your email, or perhaps your email stopped working at the time of the check, the registrar is required per ICANN regulation.  

Sadly this problem affects large numbers of domain owners every year. In order to resolve the issue, first try going to your control panel and opening the domain in the management window, then clicking the "Contacst" tab.  In there, click "edit" and change your email to the new email address.  Then click save, and this should update your email at the registrar.  

If this does not bring the site back online within an hour, please file a ticket in our Lycos Domains Portal and let us know using Lycos Product Domains, and from the drop down select "Domain Renewal" then "Domain is Suspended."  

We know this problem is frustrating.  The good news is it can be fixed relatively easily.