Any website published with Tripod or Angelfire can be hosted with a domain managed with Lycos Domains.

First, make sure your Tripod or Angelfire website is published before continuing. You will need to know the directory that contains the published website. In many cases, the website exists in the root of your Tripod or Angelfire account. But if you have more than one website, you will have had to publish in a different directory.

Login to your Lycos Domains account and click My Domains. From there, click on the domain for which you would like to point to your website.

Then click "Websites" in the left sidebar.

On the website management page, click the Edit button next to the subdomain that you would like to point to your website. Typically, this is the www subdomain. Change the drop down menu to "Hosted with Tripod" or "Hosted with Angelfire" depending on which platform your website was built with.

Next, enter in your Tripod or Angelfire account's member name and password. This is usually, but not always, the same member name and password you used to login to your Lycos Domains account.

Once you move the cursor off the password field, it will populate a list of the directories in your Tripod or Angelfire folder. If your website is hosted in a directory other than the root of your Tripod or Angelfire account, you will need to select the directory containing it. The assignment field will update as you change the directory. You can check if the assignment is correct by copying and pasting the assignment URL into another window or tab of your browser and checking if the website loads. Once you have the correct assignment, click Save.

Please allow up to 1 hour for this change to take effect.