When you sign up for Lycos Mail, we ask you for a secondary email address. This helps to secure your account and provides a way for you to access your account should you forget your Lycos Mail password. This secondary address should not be your Lycos Mail email address but another email that you have access to and check regularly.

If you did not provide a valid secondary email address upon sign up, you may be prompted to enter a secondary email upon logging in. Please take the time to provide one so that your account is secure and accessible to you. Once you provide a secondary email address, you will receive an email from Lycos. Click on the link in the email to verify the email address.

To add or change your secondary email address, please log in to your Lycos Mail account and follow these steps:

1. Click on My Account.


2. In the E-mail Address field enter your secondary email address.

3. Click on the Confirm button.